How Much Do You Need?

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How Much Do You Need?
It depends on the application and the size of the area. If it is a hard surface( floor, table, wood, concrete, etc.), it will take less product than for carpet, fabric or bedding. It also depends on how old the problem is and if other chemicals or soaps have been previously used. If chemicals or soaps have been previously used, you may need a couple applications to remove the odor. It is important that the enzymes reach all the urine crystals or the odor will return! We always tell people "if the problem area is the size of a should SATURATE the area the size of a basketball. Example: If you have thick carpet and padding, it is important to SATURATE the entire area including the area around the visible stain. You will need to saturate the carpet and padding all the way to the sub floor in order to reach all the uric acid crystals. No scrubbing is necessary! Just let the enzymes do the work until dry. If the odor and stains are old, we recommend when possible, you place plastic wrap over the treated area so that the treated area stays wet longer giving it more time to work. Many products try to fool you into thinking that one small bottle will do your whole house. This may be true if you live in a 4' x 4' closet! If you are serious about getting rid of the odor, purchase enough product to do the job right the first time. Scroll down to see recommendation for each size.

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Suggested Sizes and Applications
22oz Spray

Great for quick clean ups, spot cleanings and ongoing maintenance.

1/2 Gallon

The ready to use requires no mixing and is ideal for average rooms and ongoing maintenance.

One Gallon & Larger

Easy to store 4oz & 8 oz. concentrate bottles easily mixes with water to make larger quantities. Ideal for average size rooms or multiple room odor removal as well as ongoing maintenance.

Other uses

Great as a pre wash for diapers, remove baby formula stains, use on smelly tennis shoes, garbage cans, in bathrooms, cooking odors, smoke odors, mattress odors and more. . . .

Institutional and

Specialty Uses

Our concentrate formula is great for kennels, dog runs, veterinarian clinics, nursing homes, and public facilities.

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